6 Times People Did Something Clever To Save The World

The needs of the planet are on everyone’s mind these days. Swedish teen activist Greta Thunberg spoke in front of the United Nations recently, reminding people that the youngest inhabitants of the planet are waiting to see real change. This includes revisions to our laws and in policies for corporations that are responsible for climate change.

But many young people like Greta are growing more and more impatient with the inactivity of decision-makers. They don’t want to hear talking points. They want to see people taking action to save the planet.

It can be so frustrating to feel like things are stalling. Sometimes, you might even wonder if things are ever going to change before our planet is seriously and permanently damaged. The good news is that while lawmakers and corporations have been slow to act, others are taking action on a smaller scale. It might not save the planet completely, but it could at least make it better.

It’s all about each of us doing our part, whether that means composting, reusing, cutting our consumption, or eating a vegetarian diet. Here are 55 people who had clever solutions to save the world, instead of just talking about it.

1. Free drinks for cleaning the beach

Source: Reddit/Chazster567
This cafe is adjacent to the beach, which have become notorious for being trash dumping grounds. They came up with a great idea: spend two minutes picking up trash and get a free coffee!

2. A pen that reminds you of how it’s made

Source: Reddit/Tyler_Harris
This pen is made from recycled water bottles, which are responsible for a huge amount of waste in landfills. Its shadow looks exactly like a plastic water bottle.