8 People Who Are 100% Sure They Are Absolutely Right

As kids, we learned that there’s nothing more satisfying than smugly taunting our friends with “I’m right, you’re wrong” on the playground.

But, words carry no truth unless you have cold, hard evidence to back up your claims. And that’s where these hilarious photographs come into play.

These 50 people went out of their way to prove that they were right in the best way possible. Take that, you stupid haters, naysayers and doubters of magnificence!

1) They said he wasn’t Princeton material

Source: Imgur
Sometimes people bring you down because their own life sucks, so they poo poo on everyone else around them. But Liao ignored all the naysayers who said he wasn’t good enough for Princeton, and proved them [email protected]

“The instructors and other Marines at my separation transition classes said I was way out of my league applying to Princeton. I just found out that I proved them wrong.”

2) Boyfriend “wins” – or so he thinks

Source: Imgur
This boyfriend set out to prove his girlfriend wrong about the color of his shirts. And while he was technically right, he better hope the couch is comfy. Because when it comes to maintaining the peace, doesn’t he know that the woman is always [email protected]

“Girlfriend is always telling me my shirts are the same color. I had to prove her wrong.”