10+ Weird Facts About Portugal.

Portugal is one of the oldest countries in Europe. When we hear about it, we instantly get associations with works of architecture drenched in the sun along with a majestic ocean. The culture of local people that has been shaped by many centuries also evokes a desire to get to know about it more. Like, for example, to learn what the feeling “Saudade” is all about and why local people love sweets from yolks so much.

Portuguese people occasionally feel “Saudade.”

The word “Saudade” doesn’t have an exact translation in any language. But despite that, it plays an important role in the culture here and lets us understand the melancholic soul of a Portuguese person. Oftentimes, this term is connected with the word “nostalgia,” but it’s not the same thing. Saudade means a deep desire or longing for something. It can refer to a person, a place, an object, or a situation that someone misses. It can even refer to something that doesn’t and cannot exist in real life. It can even be a sense of incompleteness.

It is assumed that this word first appeared during the epoch of the great geographical discoveries when sailors would set on sail driven by this feeling.