Strange Discoveries That Will Leave You Confused!

Since the beginning of time, people have been discovering fascinating things around the globe. Sometimes these discoveries are not only exciting but also puzzling. This happens when things pop up in places that they’re least likely to be. Browse through this list of pictures and get to know some of the strangest discoveries made from the most unlikely locations.

This World Map Etched On Pipe

This was probably scratched on this pipe by someone. It would be pretty insane if this almost accurate world map just naturally appeared on this pipe. The blue background makes it look even more realistic. The shape of the continents is also an almost exact replica of what you see in an atlas. If this is man-made, the person who did this must be super creative. If it’s the work of nature, there’s nothing more you can say except WOW!

The Perfect Veggie Hider

When you were a little child, you probably hated eating your vegetables. To get out of having to eat them, children often throw them out in the garbage or feed them to their dogs. In this case, the kid hid his vegetable with great creativity. In the above image, you see two pieces of carrots stuffed in a remote as make-shift cells. Whoever this kid was, he was probably sure he’d get away with it. He probably did until someone had to replace the cells.