Things Only Adults Notice In Brave

Brave’s Merida should be harder on her dad

Brave focuses quite heavily on mother-daughter relationships. Like many teenage girls, Merida has a complicated relationship with her mom. If you watch the movie as a kid or as a teen, it’s probably easier to relate to Merida. She has some legitimate gripes, such as the fact that her mother is always urging her to act like a princess (which is basically code for a thankfully now-outdated standard of “ladylike” decorum) when she’d rather be running around outside and practicing her archery.

We can’t really blame Merida for rebelling, but it seems unfair that she’s always blaming her mother for everything that is complicated in her life. There’s also the fact that she’s critical of her mother, but seems to be best friends with her dad, Fergus. It’s not like the king is some sort of saint. Fergus is clearly willing to marry his daughter off against her will yet somehow Elinor gets the blame for all of Merida’s problems.