Hilarious photos snapped just before disaster struck

We take pictures to preserve memories and keep them alive.

It’s nice to keep them in a photo album, hang them on the wall or stick them on the refrigerator door. This is also the reason why we always try our best to take beautiful moments instead of bad ones.

On the other hand, candid photos are not too bad as well. In fact, these kinds of photos can also make us laugh even after many years.

Here are 61 photos that will give you that hilarious vibe. Most of these even show total disaster. Enjoying browsing through them!

Source: Reddit

1. Tradition

The winning team always dumps their cooler on their coach, but these players should have at least waited until he took off his headphones. The Powerade has landed on his shoulders, but in this last moment, he is still unaware that he is about to be wet and sticky.